After more than forty years and after being used in several thousand projects, LCC Siporex has truly become the leading supplier of this amazing material.

Prequalification Documents

Our Prequalification Document is available to ensure that we are a reasonable prospect as a bidder that participates in a tender with demonstrated ability (expertise, capitalization and resources as a supplier) to perform the final contract in a satisfactory manner.

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ALC Zero Asbestos – Earthquate Resistance Evaluation

Autoclaved Lightweight Concrete (ALC) – A documentary report provided by the ALC Association

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KFUPM Study Report

Simulation of Energy and Cost Effectiveness for a Detached Single Family House Built with SIPOREX Materials

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Blocks Brochure

Essential informations about our SIPOREX Blocks Product

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Technical Guide

Our Technical Guide provides you with the complete information about our products and its applications.

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