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Lightweight Cellular Autoclaved Aerated Concrete

also known as “SIPOREX

Lightweight | But HEAVY DUTY

SIPOREX can withstand relatively high compressive stress, which in the aspect of application is very sufficient to take building loads.

Impressive Exterior | Interior

Various types of finishes used in conventional concrete construction are also applicable to SIPOREX system.

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SIPOREX is technically a lightweight Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) which is also called cellular concrete.

SIPOREX is produced as BLOCKS and Precast Reinforced Units, i.e., Wall Panels, Lintels and Floor/Roof Slabs forming a complete building system.

SIPOREX is completely cured mix of calcareous materials such as cement and siliceous fine materials such as quartz sand with the addition of water and aluminum powder acting as foaming agent to form a homogenous cellular structure known as Calcium Silicate Hydrate.

SIPOREX is a high quality structural material, load-bearing and extremely well insulating material due to numerous tiny non-connecting air bubbles which gives SIPOREX its incredibly diverse qualities.

The high pressure steam-curing in autoclaves achieves a physically and chemically stable product with an average density being approximately one fourth of normal concrete.

SIPOREX has been used on large scale projects such as housings, schools, hospitals, commercial, industrial and government projects under all climatic conditions since the early nineteen thirties worldwide.

SIPOREX is a natural and non-toxic construction material, saves energy, and is friendly to the environment.

SIPOREX is definitely one of the major achievements in the field of construction. It is a revolutionary material that offers a unique combination of strength, lightweight, thermal insulation, sound absorption, unsurpassed fire resistance and unprecedented buildability.

As a building system, SIPOREX meets all the requirements of our modern age throughout the world.

Its properties ensure a building material that outperforms all others.

In view of the rapid development and increasing demand, we can claim with certain justification that SIPOREX is the ideal choice for building construction.

Product Characteristics

SIPOREX is both structural and insulation material, it simplifies the construction, eliminating the other different types of building materials to complete a project …

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