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Siporex blocks are used as load bearing and non-load beaing walls. It is also used as thermally insulating roof tiles and as hordi blocks. Following are the standard dimensions in cm:

- Block : 60 x 25 thickness (Nominal dry density is 550 kg/m3)

- Hordi Blocks : 60 x 37.5 x thickness is multilple of 2.5 cm. On the request, other possible dimensions may be produced.

For hordi blocks the dimension of 37.5 cm is the nominal dimension. Blocks are produced with alternate actual dimensions of 37 cm and 38 cm. No stocks of hordi blocks are kept at the factory. If hordi blocks are required two or three weeks should be allowed for manufacturing. The density delivered to site will vary according to the drying time that has passed since manufacture and the local climatic conditions.


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