So You Want To Build...

Siporex's superiority and versatility are yet to be matched by any other building material. 

Siporex is used as a load bearing structural material in buildings up to four storeys high. In taller structures, it is used as non-load bearing external and internal walls. 

Siporex floor and roof slabs are used in any application. 

A low density coupled with good compressive strength give Siporex a decided advantage over other building materials.

Siporex weighs less than a quarter of conventional concrete. This property alone, will provide you with several extremely comforting advantages.

Firstly, your foundation requirement will be reduced, therefore saving you on costs. There will be less load on foundation, hence less settlement and no cracking.

Secondly, the reduced overall structural weight means reduced seismic loads, therefore giving your building increased stability and system integrity. As a matter of fact, Siporex buildings are so strong, they have withstood earthquakes measuring 7.2 on the open ended Richter scale, as they did in Kobe, Japan in 1995.

and Thirdly, Siporex alleviates the need for heavy lifting site machinery and appreciably less man hours to erect. More costs savings.

Siporex also provides excellent insulating properties.

It is actually classified by the Saudi Consolidated Electric Co. as a thermal insulation material. This means lower power consumption in environmental management systems.

It also means greatly reduced noise penetration through any Siporex material.

Greatly reassuring is that Siporex has high resistance to fire.

A Siporex wall, 15 cm thick, provides up to seven hours resistance to fire, a great peace of mind you will not find in any other traditional building material.

Siporex makes excellent firewalls and fire protection of structural steel.

Siporex's workability as a building material is unsurpassed.

Window and door frames can be fixed directly to a Siporex wall.

Channels for electric conduits and utility services are easily drilled or chased into a Siporex wall or slab.

This unique versatility offered by Siporex allows you to achieve just about any desired architectural effect or feature.

This provides you with the added luxury of an individual look and character for your building without the normally extravagant associated cost.

To top it all, Siporex has a smooth, accurate surface as it leaves the mould.

This provides an untreated surface that will readily accept finishes with a minimum or no amount of priming.

Its versatility makes Siporex the ideal choice for your building.

But the superior savings, comfort level and reliability that continue for the entire service life of your building make Siporex the irresistible choice for all your buildings.

Siporex is in wide use throughout the Kingdom and around the world in private, public, institutional, industrial, housing and commercial projects.